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Schneider Electric is committed to tackle the challenge of energy access with the BipBop programme: Business, Innovation & People at the Base of the Pyramid.


Business: Managing a sustainable investment fund to support local economic initiatives around energy


Created in July 2009, the Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA) Fund aims to support the development of entrepreneurial initiatives around access to energy and have an impact on people’s lives at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP). The Fund focuses on helping the development of:


  • companies fostering professional integration in the energy management trade
  • companies enabling access to energy for BoP populations in rural or peri-urban areas, specifically in Africa and India
  • innovative access to energy solutions, based on renewable and dedicated to BoP populations


In 2010, La Caisse Des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC), one of the major public investment organizations in France, showed its support of the BipBop programme through an investment of 5M€ in 'Schneider Energie Sicav Solidaire', the mutual fund investing in SEEA.


Innovation: Creating products, solutions & business models for reliable affordable and clean access to energy


Today, the poorest populations spend up to 30 per cent of their revenue to obtain energy that is often unreliable and harmful to the environment and their health. Schneider Electric provides not only products and solutions, but also training, funding, and consulting services. These services fulfil the need for energy access in a sustainable manner, relying on local populations and economic ecosystems. In 2010, we accelerated the development of new products and solutions to meet the needs of a safe, affordable, and green access to energy in different countries.


Affordable solutions for remote and isolated places


The In-Diya LED lighting system launched in February 2010 has been deployed in India and introduced in Africa. An offer for battery-charging management has also been introduced to ensure safe charging of basic electronic appliances, as well as improved battery life.


Solutions to power and support village development


Schneider Electric provides complete solutions, from renewable off-grid power generation to battery charging stations and water pumping systems. These solutions can support the energy needs of an entire village, and thus foster a sustainable economic and social development around local entrepreneurs, basic infrastructure (health facilities, schools, grocery stores, etc.), and entertainment activities.


People: Supporting training for people in energy management trades


Through training, we empower local communities to acquire long-term competencies to maintain our access to energy solutions. Without these competencies, sustainable development cannot be achieved. Therefore, through BipBop, we have the following training offers:


Basic trainings which are short, inexpensive, and widely accessible.


Trainings to acquire degrees and diplomas conducted in partnership with local Ministries of Education.


Trainings for trainers which provide for an effective and qualitative replication.


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