A French initiative

The CDM PLUS: a French-led mission within the framework of

the Paris-Nairobi inititative


The Clean energy access mechanism was prepared within the framework of the Paris-Nairobi initiative, launched in 2009 by France and Kenya to create a worldwide partnership for access to clean and sustainable energy in Subsaharan Africa and in less developed countries in general.


The Clean energy access mechanisme Mission was initiated in 2010 by French Minister of Ecologie, Energy and Sustainable development M. Jean-Louis Borloo. This mission aims at first to answer to the announcement of innovative financing mechanisms during the COP-15 in Copenhagen. The release of the pre-report in November 2010 received significant interest.


The new Minister of Ecology, Mrs Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet gets involved in the project as well and carries the Paris-Nairobi initiative with Kenya's PM M. Raila Odinga. In December 2011, an early release of the CDM PLUS project is presented at the COP-17 in Durban. The goal is to generate a debate between all relevant actors in the field of sustainable electrification and to evaluate the feasibility of such a mechanism on an international scale. This feasibility is also analyse inside the mission report.


The final report is submitted in May 2012 to the new Minister of Ecology, Mrs Nicole Bricq. The Clean energy access mechanism mission is presented at the UNCSD of Rio+20 in a dedicated side-event.



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