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An exchange platform in support of sustainable electricity for all


The World council for sustainable electrification aims at promoting the development of clean energy access based on renewables in developing countries.


The launching of the NGO World council for sustainable electrification was announced in a dedicated side-event during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development of Rio+20, on June 19, 2012:

Access to sustainable electrification: Bridging the financial and entrepreneurial gap - Boosting the Clean Development Mechanism.


The World council for sustainable electrification is dedicated to mobilize and gather the relevant stakeholders involved in the universal access and the development of renewable energies in developing countries,


Experts, administration respresentatives or companies compose the members of the council. Members are divided in colleges:


  • Companies
  • Experts, Scholars, Economists, Scientists, etc.
  • National and International public administration, NGOs, Associations, Foundations, etc.



For reaching its objectives, the World council for sustainable electrification supports the following actions:


  • Promoting among governments, diplomatic, economic, scientific and international circles, the crucial importance of universal access to electricity based on renewable energies for a sustainable economic development.
  • Organizing in this regard stakeholders meetings, exhibitions, and all relevant communication events.
  • Conducting studies, research papers illustrating the importance of sustainable energy for all.
  • Identifying exemplary sustainable energy programs and support our members - investors, companies, development agencies - in their efforts to promote sustainable access to electricity.
  • Offering an technical, economical and institutional expertise for an efficient implementation of projects.
  • Developing a best-practices sharing platform among out members.
  • Offering consulting services to international institutions, governments, companies or NGOs on access to energy issues.
  • Implementing cooperation mechanisms between all the relevant stakeholders .
  • Promoting an international institutional framework to foster the development of access to electricity.

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